Network Pentesing

FSU Pentesting Course
CNS320- Intro to pentesting
Awesome Penetration Testing
Offsec Workflow
Windows Exploit Suggester
Awesome OSINT
rmusser's infosec Reference
Creating a Windows domain and hacking it
All things Active Directory
Awesome Red Teaming
Python Pentesting

Web App Pentesting

Mobile App Pentest Cheatsheet
Web App Challenges MindMap
NetSparker SQLi Cheat Sheet
Security Idiots Guide to Web Pentesting
SQL Filer Evasion and Obfuscation Techniques
Troy Hunt OWASP Top 10 for .net developers

Exploit Dev

Modern Binary Exploitation
Corelan, BOF
Windows Heap Exploitation
Windows exploitation series
Azeria, intro to writing ARM Assembly
Coursera, Software Security
Introduction to Malware Analysis
Live Overflow Channel

Privilege Escalation

Windows: exploiting folder permissions
Windows: Privilege Escalation Fundamentals
Windows: Windows-Exploit-Suggester
Windows: Privilege Escalation Commands
Windows: Practical Windows Privilege Escalation
Windows: Blind Files
Linux: LinEnum
Linux: Blind Files
UAC Bypass List, hfiref0x
Escape rbash
Cheatsheet for Spawing TTY Shells
USploitspren's Windows Priv-Esc guide

Wireless Pentesting

Advanced Wireless Network Attacks 2018
SANS Wireless Pentesting Tips and Resources

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