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Endpoints anc DFIR

About DFIR
ISC Event Log analysis, IR
13Cubed Forensics videos/playlist
Hunting Attacker Activity: Lateral Movement
Opensecurity Slides and Videos
Where to start, blog
Shimcache Artifacts
Forensic Challenges Mindmap
Aggregate Blog List
Meirwah's Awesome Incident Response list

Network Security Monitoring (NSM)

Malware-Traffic-Analysis.net, PCAP Analysis
Packetlife TCPDump & Wireshark Cheat Sheets
PCAPr, benign PCAP samples

RE and Malware Analysis

Sam Bowne walks through the PMA
Zerltser's Cheat Sheets
StillzTech Malware Series
[Github] Awesome Reversing list
RE4B, Dennis Yurichev
Revesing on MacOS
Crypton: Exposing Malware's Deepest Secrets (PDF)
RPISEC - Malware

Threat Intelligence

Basic Threat Intelligence Resource repo


All Things Active Directory
BSD - Securing Linux

Contact Us

Liza Wilson Durant, PhD

Director, Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) NoVa Node

George Mason University, 4400 University Drive, MS 4A3, Fairfax, VA 22030