CCI will power an engine of economic growth and diversity in cybersecurity by building world-leading research and innovation capabilities and training and experiential learning opportunities to close the state’s cybersecurity workforce gap.


The CCI NoVa Node will leverage a consortium of industry and academic partners to build prototypes, testbeds, processes, and ecosystems. The node’s research will focus on


A core mission of CCI NoVa Node is to support cybersecurity innovation, commercialization, and new ventures in the commonwealth, making Virginia the best place to start a business in advanced cybersecurity technologies. The node will


CCI NoVa Node will work with institutions of higher education across the region to provide experiential learning opportunities. The node will


The CCI Northern Virginia Node Cyber Living Innovation Lab will be housed on George Mason University’s Arlington Campus. Adjacent to Mason’s new Institute for Digital InnovAtion (IDIA), the lab will include approximately 4,000 square feet of dedicated space for cybersecurity research, training, and experiential learning.

The Living Innovation Lab will include robotic platforms to evaluate 5G performance and security vulnerabilities. It will study the impact of 5G on industry, internet of things or Industry 4.0, and smart manufacturing, as well as the vulnerability of the supporting power grid. The lab will include autonomous vehicle sensor study, 5G performance, and security vulnerability. These platforms will support LIDAR, radar, stereo, and night-vision cameras that will be deployed on the NoVa Node’s fleet of vehicles that simulate autonomous driving.

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Liza Wilson Durant, PhD

Director, Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) NoVa Node

George Mason University, 4400 University Drive, MS 4A3, Fairfax, VA 22030